Make Your own GF Baking Flour Blend

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My GF friends , new or old have one common question to ask whenever they bump into me. I am sure they ask the same question to many other GF Baker Moms.

Question: Which Gluten Free Flour blend is the best for baking GF ?

Would any of you like to answer? Please go ahead and do so in the comments section after you have read through this post well.

I thought it was important that this gets addressed properly and sooner.

Alright, here is my take:

All … well almost all , GF baking flour blends, available in the market use additives, gums,husks,milk powder and so on… to be able to give you the “Gluten” effect in your GF baking. They do give the right texture and taste, you want to achieve ,but at the cost of your health. I urge each one of you to

Take Charge of your health! Make your own GF baking flour!

Many in the GF audience deal with other allergies and intolerances as well. Though some are more aware than the others. I know so many who cannot have dairy, many more who can’t have soya, fiber, seeds etc… the list is long.

Sharing with you, the ideal structure of GF baking flour blend and how you can make it yourself, depending upon the ingredients available to you and suitable for your health.

All Purpose Flour (made from wheat) has the following main properties with regards to baking.

  1. Very fine and light for the bakes to be light (fluffy cakes, crispy cookies)
  2. Glutenous : has the elasticity to rise well without falling apart

So, to replace this all purpose flour with our Gluten Free version we need to incorporate ingredients which give us a similar composition.

  1. Very fine property can be incorporated by using very fine White Rice flour .
  2. But the rice flour alone does not have glutenous properties and hence it falls apart a bit . Does not bind that well.

This is where we need ingredients which are sticky in nature and hep the rice flour bind. Gums and psylium husk are used for this purpose. You can achieve similar sticky properties by using starches. Starches by nature are sticky.

Throw in some fibrous flour/s for those who need fiber in their diet , and that’s all! Your recipe to a perfect GF All Purpose Flour is ready :

  1. Super fine white rice flour
  2. Some starche/s
  3. Some fibrous flour/s

Alright , Now I know the ingredients to make my own GF ALP. How much of what ? In what proportion do I use each one of them?


Below I share with you the detailed composition of GF ALP with ratios and proportions .


Within each Ingredient Family, you could have your own combination of flours mentioned above. For example, there was a time when I realized my son had problems with any fiber other than coconut. So I made my own blend consisting of : White rice flour (60%) , Coconut flour (10%) , Tapioca(20%), Potato starch (10%).

So go ahead,wear your thinking hat and experiment in your lab , kitchen that is :). Make a blend that goes best for your own and your families’ requirements in terms of taste, texture and health.

For most Celiacs and Gluten sensitive population insoluble fiber ( mainly grain fiber) is not a friend and hence is best avoided. Insoluble fiber by definition is roughage and for already damaged intestines, roughage is too rough , too scraping . That is the reason I do not include these fibrous flours in my GF Baking Flour Blend. You may or may not do so as per the signs your body gives you .

Hope you all have a wonderful time experimenting and making your own GF Baking flour blend . Please feel free to ask any queries that you may have. . See you again with another healthy recipe for your GF family.God Bless !

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