If the above health foods are a part of your healthy diet, please read on..

This is my take, my version, my analysis from factual data available, my observation…

You may choose to give it a thought or completely ignore this piece of writing. It is completely your call. I can only share with you my learnings. I can only try my best in assisting you in your struggle with health problems (some acknowledged and/or diagnosed & some un-diagnosed and/or unacknowledged)

In any case, I urge each one of you, reading this piece, to do your own research. There is no dearth of information available to us in this world of Mr. Google.

In case you are still with me, I thank you for giving me a chance to explain.A fair chance, I mean.

Milk is a great source of protein. Just like gluten is a protein found in Wheat, Rye & Barley, Casein is a protein found in milk.

There are two genetic variations of Casein, depending upon the source milk comes from. One type of Casein is called A1 and the other is called type A2. The milk containing the former type protein is called A1 Milk and the latter, A2 Milk.

Post digestion effects are very different in the two types of milk.


Once digested, A1 Casein releases BCM 7.


A2 milk releases negligible to absolutely 0% BCM 7 after it is digested, depending upon the source. Mother’s milk is purely A2. A2 milk is healing in nature.

Back to A1: BCM 7 and hence A1 milk, could possibly have a detrimental impact on
· Digestive system

· Nervous system

· Immune system

And guess what ! What most of us drink today, is A1 milk. Yes the one which releases the deadly BCM 7 once metabolized.

Why do we drink this deadly milk ? Why do we not drink A2 milk?

Let me try to explain:

Traditionally all milk in India was A2 Milk. Sheep, goats, Camels, Buffalo and humans produce only A2 type milk. The only animal which could produce A1 or A2 Milk depending upon its breed is a cow.

The desi Indian cow gives predominantly A2 milk. But they are difficult to find, on the verge of being extinct.

The sad reality of the white revolution is that it led to cross-breeding with European cows and import of foreign hybrid breeds for higher yield in order to meet the goal of mass production. This has brought us to a situation today where what we produce and hence consume predominantly is A1 Milk.

All the milk we get in packets, or the one which milkmen come to deliver , until it is mentioned to be A2, is A1 in nature.

A1 Milk sets the stage for diseases to make way into our system.

And once the stage is set, it’s just a matter of time ! It is like silently creating the bed for diseases related to digestion, immune system and nervous system to make home in our bodies.

If you do not suffer from any of the auto immune diseases or neurological ailments or digestion related health problems, you are blessed. Please take this as a preventive step so that you don’t ever fall prey to these deadly problems.

And those who suffer from any of the auto immune diseases or neurological ailments or digestion related health problems, I humbly request you to shift to A2 Milk . Slowly but surely your body will thank you for this decision sooner or later.

I have enough observational and anecdotal evidence that A2 milk does live up to it’s commitment. Will leave those stories, including my own, for the next post in continuation to this one.

Please note:

I do not benefit financially or otherwise in asking you to make this shift. Neither do I own nor do I have anything else to do with the business of selling A2 milk.I get my A2 milk from a cow shed in a village close to my place of stay. They understand my need pretty well now and do not even use the same bucket for collecting A2 milk as they use for A1.

References :

http://www.motherjones.com/environment/2014/03/a1-milk-a2-milk-america http://food.ndtv.com/food-drinks/a1-versus-a2-milk-does-it-matter-1414225

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5 thoughts on “Know Your Milk !

  1. There is only one way and that is to be alert. Most places which sell A2 milk also deliver the same. Also most places which sell A2 milk are more aware and knowledgable about A1/A2 milk. They mostly keep only those breeds of cows which give A2 milk. So there are no chances of mixing the two kinds of milk. I bring my milk from a village close by.

  2. There is only one way and that is to be alert. Generally those who sell A2 milk are more aware & knowledgeable about A1/A2 story. I wouldn’t get my milk from any company or a place which deal in both A1 and A2 milk.So that there are no chances of negligence & mixing of the two kinds of milk. Mr. Google could help you find such options in your city. You could check the place up over a weekend and keep doing so till you are convinced. Hope I could help. Thanks for dropping by..:)

  3. Hi..I once started giving Cow’s milk to my daughter..not aware of A1 and A2 but just that somehow from where I was getting that was a very good and reliable source..after around 7-8days my daughter had severe stomach cramps along with other stomach related issues which my doctor further diagnosed as cow milk allergy..it took her around 1 month to recover…so now after reading ur article I m wondering what can be done now…maybe we don’t hv a choice for A2 milk..

  4. Most likely (my guess would be 99.9%) the milk you got from a reliable source would have been A1 Milk. As in this case the person is not cheating you by mixing something or by not looking after the cows well. It is just that the breed of cows he has could be different . Only Desi Indian cow’s milk will be A2. And unless specified , most times it is A1 milk. You could try A2 milk with your daughter in future whenever you think the time is right to do so. Mother is the best judge. I myself took too long to try. I am happy I did. I know a minimum of 5 families who have benefited from shifting to A2 milk . One child lived dairy free for 3 years on medical advice before starting A2 milk . Has now been consuming A2 milk for a year plus with visible benefits. God bless her !

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