Delectable Crispy Jalebis :Gluten Free

Gluten Free Jalebis – Delectable Crispy

Yes! Yes! Yes!

These are Gluten Free Jalebis ! Absolutely delectable; Absolutely Crispy !

Finally, my son can have them to his heart’s content. Small mercies! Both of us tasted Jalebis after 3 years today and I am at loss of words to explain how it felt. I had mixed feelings , those of joy for finally being able to enjoy them & at the same time of regret that I did not try making them earlier.

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Gluten Free Eggless Sponge Cake

Simple Ingredients ; Stunning Results!


Finally a Gluten Free perfect Sponge . Gum free of course.


I never realized making an egg free gluten free cake will be such a hurricane task. I tried multiple recipes using various combination of flours over the last 10 days or so. Some failed to rise at all, while the others did not hold themselves well .

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A fail proof recipe. Simple ingredients , simple process ,stunning results !

This recipe is adapted from Hershey’s website.

Simply replacing all purpose flour with roasted rice flour or home made GF all purpose flour does the trick. Thank you Hersheys ! This time i have used only the roasted rice flour to make the crinkles. In the past I have used home made gluten free flour blend with equal success.

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It is very important to have a Flour blend which is not bad for our health. If it has healthy ingredients, so much better.

However most GF flour blends either have gums or Psylium husk or milk powder added to them to get that perfect texture and taste that resemble the Gluten flour.Adding these additives are not harmful if used on rare occasions. However regular use , specially for children is not recommended.

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This is my first post on the blog. In fact this is the very reason , why I begin to write this blog in the first place. I have so many GF friends who struggle day in and day out to figure out what to feed their GF children . The biggest challenge was with the staples. For any Indian from the northern part of the country, chapatis/fulkas/rotis were the staples.

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