Gluten Free Eggless Sponge Cake

Simple Ingredients ; Stunning Results!


Finally a Gluten Free perfect Sponge . Gum free of course.


I never realized making an egg free gluten free cake will be such a hurricane task. I tried multiple recipes using various combination of flours over the last 10 days or so. Some failed to rise at all, while the others did not hold themselves well .

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A fail proof recipe. Simple ingredients , simple process ,stunning results !

This recipe is adapted from Hershey’s website.

Simply replacing all purpose flour with roasted rice flour or home made GF all purpose flour does the trick. Thank you Hersheys ! This time i have used only the roasted rice flour to make the crinkles. In the past I have used home made gluten free flour blend with equal success.

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This Gluten Free sponge is made out of pure Rice flour. No Starch, No Gum , No husk,No additive added to the flour. Pure rice flour is used in place of ALP.

A perfect cake for occasions as it accommodates icing and flavors very well. Hold itself well ,especially after cooling down. It has a perfect rise and a just right spongy texture.

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