Home Made Pista Kulfi :Under 5 minutes recipe

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Home Made Pista Kulfi

Home Made Kulfi - Ready in 5 minutes
Home Made Kulfi – Ready in 5 minutes

These are our first summers in the north as a family . We are indeed spoilt , thanks to Bangalore ! Not used to extreme  climates anymore.There is no way to keep yourself cool in these Noida summers , but for this home made kulfi . My family suddenly seems to love the summers here and I feel blessed to say the least, all thanks to these home made kulfi recipes.

This specific recipe makes a very smooth market kind of kulfi. My husband is a foodie and is very difficult to please when it comes to traditional Indian food. This kulfi recipe has passed his critical review and in fact came out with flying colours. Sharing with you all here my quick recipe to a happy hubby and a super happy child .:)

This just two ingredient ,5 minutes recipe, uses home made condensed milk and normal milk – boiled and cooled. This is the simplest recipe & takes just about 5 minutes start to end if you keep your home made condensed milk ready or if you are using off the shelf condensed milk . Learn how to make your own condensed milk and take charge of your health.

I use A2 milk only for all my dairy needs and hence use my own home made condensed milk . It is good to know why A2.

The other method of making kulfi -the one what I call  Malai Kulfi, involves making rabadi and then making malai kulfi .  This has the slight grainy feel to it which is what most stick kulfis in the market have. I have not invested in the stick moulds as yet and hence made this one also in small bowls (what we call katori in Hindi).

So enjoy your summers with a this Home Made Kulfi  and Home Made Icecreams .

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Home Made Pista Kulfi
  1. Mix all the three ingredients well using a wire whisk. It takes about three to five minutes for it to be smooth.
  2. Pour into kulfi moulds and freeze , preferably overnight.
  3. Your own home made pista kulfi is ready to be devoured.
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