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Gluten Free puffed puris for special occasions


When we removed gluten from our diet , three years ago, what hit us hard was No Fulkas and No puris !!!!

It was difficult to say the least. Coming from Northern pat of INDIA , these were our staples. Phew!

This is dedicated to all mothers with gluten free children, who miss puris . God bless all lovely children there with dietery restrictions. Life is difficult for you. My intention is to make it as simpler as I can.

The Secret behind making yummy gluten free puris is the unique process of adding moyen to make the dough. Any error in this process can completely spoil the results. The moyen in case of gluten free puris surprisingly does not include any fat/oil/shortening. It’s just water we use as moyen and this is the key tip.

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How to Make Yummy Pure rice flour Puris
Gluten Free Pure Rice Puris for one and all. I make them every year 'Ashtami' or 'Kanya Poojan' as some call it . They are loved by children and adults alike .
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Passive Time 10 minutes
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Passive Time 10 minutes
  1. Take rice flour in a vessel with wide mouth.
  2. Keep Water for boiling along with salt and carrom seeds.
  3. Once the water boils completely , add this boiling water along with the spices to the rice flour kept in a wide mouth vessel.
  4. Stir and press with the back of a spoon throughout . After this water has been incorporated in the rice flour,start rubbing with your finger tips just like you rub the moyen in normal puris. After you have rubbed the flour enough , the flour will now start looking like a coarse flour, equivalent to breadcrumbs.
  5. At this stage we need to leave it to cool down. It is very very important for this to be completely cooled down when you start the next process
  6. Now , knead the dough using very little water (normal temperature, not warm or hot ) .keep dipping your hands in water and continue to knead till enough water is incorporated .
  7. The dough should be tight, though not too tight.It should come together as a ball when tried making between your palms. As soon as you realize that you are able to make a ball out of the dough with ease, the dough is ready . Now let it sit on the kitchen counter covered in a bowl for about 10 minutes to half an hour as time permits.
  8. Let the oil heat up while the dough settles well.
  9. Now using the rice flour for dusting, start rolling puris one at a time. It is best to roll not more than one together and then fry. It is best to roll one at a time an fry it before moving on to next.
  10. If the climate in your area is not too dry,and if you can manage to roll puris using minimal dusting flour, you may be able to roll about 5 to 8 puris together before proceeding to frying.
  11. The Oil for these gluten free puris should be really really hot. Else they dont fluff up well.
  12. As soon as you drop one in the hot hot oil, the puri will start puffing in no time. Once it puffs up , please turn over immediately.
  13. These gluten free puris take very little time to be cooked. once cooked from the other side ( which will again be fairly quick), remove using a slotted ladle.
  14. You will see gloden red spots coming up as you see in wheat/maida puris.
  15. When eaten hot ,they will look and taste exactly the same as wheat puris with color being the only difference.
Recipe Notes

These Puris are best made with Roasted Rice Flour . Regular Rice flour will also give good results .

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