ppams are breads from the state of Kerala. They are best eaten with vegetable stew /chicken stew and Kadala curry.

Thanks to my sister and the foodie in her, I got to taste appams while I was still a student. I vividly remember the way to the modest Udaya lunch home, right behind Chembur station, Bombay. Well, It was indeed called ‘Bombay’ back then. I still struggle to associate that place with the name ‘Mumbai’.

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Kadala is a word used in Malyalam , for black chickpeas. And hence the name Kadala curry.

Kadala curry is best eaten with Kerala breads Appams or Pathiri . It tastes yum even with plain steamed rice.It also makes an excellent breakfast dish in combination with puttu from Kerala. Will share puttu recipe as well somewhere down the line .

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Super Healthy ; Super Yum; I myself couldn’t believe the vegetarian version to be yummier than the egg version. You will love it !



This recipe calls for very basic and healthy ingredients. I believe in the motto health first. Taste is important only if it comes with health. This recipe is very healthy & very good to taste. My son loved it yesterday. He had it smeared all over his parantha paneer roll.

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Crisp yet soft Paniyaram, served with coconut chutney and Home Made Mango Frooti, which my mother makes every year for her grand children.

This post is dedicated to my North Indian friends and family . For me it was a good addition to my son’s tiffin box along with another breakfast option. My entire family loves them .

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