A fail proof recipe. Simple ingredients , simple process ,stunning results !

This recipe is adapted from Hershey’s website.

Simply replacing all purpose flour with roasted rice flour or home made GF all purpose flour does the trick. Thank you Hersheys ! This time i have used only the roasted rice flour to make the crinkles. In the past I have used home made gluten free flour blend with equal success.

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As in most of my posts, I like to remind my GF friends that Gluten Free is not equal to Healthy. In fact most (if not all )GF foods in the market today , whether they are ready to eat or cook or bake, if they are not naturally gluten free , are not healthy at all.In fact they are unhealthy and could even be harmful to our already sensitive systems. And anybody who is managing a difficult life without gluten is doing so for the purpose of letting their bodies heal of the damage already done.
In this series of making healthy addition to children’s regular snacking, I set out for a cookie which can be had with milk.
After all, a big cookie with milk makes a complete breakfast. As per our Ayurveda combinations ,milk should not be had with anything salty , anything fermented, or anything with any kind of a leavening or rising agent, natural or otherwise .
So effectively the following combinations will be the first to be thrown out of the window:

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