There is so much to eat other than gluten. Here,I don’t mean trying to adapt foods which were originally made using wheat flour or gluten to be specific.

When I go to any Gluten Free forum or when I meet somebody who is on a gluten free diet, for whatever their health reasons may be, the first thing I notice is that they still eat the same foods they ate before going gluten free. Just that they have found ways of making the same foods without gluten now. In this quest of eating the same food, they miss the bigger picture. They are ready to add any ingredient to get the same texture or taste or both in their food , as they had before eliminating gluten from their diet.

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This is my first post on the blog. In fact this is the very reason , why I begin to write this blog in the first place. I have so many GF friends who struggle day in and day out to figure out what to feed their GF children . The biggest challenge was with the staples. For any Indian from the northern part of the country, chapatis/fulkas/rotis were the staples.

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